Cost of living in Bangalore

Cost of living - WHere money goes?I have lived in Bangalore for more than three years now, so I think I have a fair idea on what are the kind of expenses one has to take care during one’s stay in Bangalore and with what frequency. I will just lay out the approx costs I had to bear in these years I was here in Bangalore. This is based on my lifestyle, and the spend on certain heads can change for different people, but the expense heads remain the same.

One Time Spends

  • Deposit – One of the first expenses for the people moving to Bangalore if they want to find a decent place to stay. I had to shell out 20000 rs for deposit as I chose to stay in a shared apartment by SimplyGuest.
  • Home Setup – The approx cost of the setup comes to about 80000 if you optimize the value and manage some second-hand things to have your house fully furnished. I didn’t have this kind of money, so I chose a fully furnished place with SimplyGuest. They took care of everything, and I just had to pay the monthly rent. So, my cost was 0.
Total one-time cost for me = 20000

Monthly Spends

  • Rent + Maintainance – For me, it was 10000 for a sharing room as I was staying in BTM stage 2 very near to silk board and it is a nice serene and calm locality. I am still staying here 🙂
  • Cook – We started with paying 1100 for lunch and dinner but as of today we are paying 1700 for breakfast lunch and dinner and out cook is great and we don’t miss home.
  • Cleaning Maid – This is another 1000 rupees for cleaning of dishes, kitchen, and general housekeeping. This cost is after sharing it with flatmates.
  • Groceries – We don’t put any restrictions on the kind of groceries to order. It generally adds up to 4000 per month.
  • Petrol – I have a field job, and my petrol bills are not reimbursed, so I end up spending about 2500 in petrol or travel cabs in case it’s raining.
  • Bills (Mobile, Misc, etc.) – It adds to about 1500 rupees a month. Can be optimized if someone chose not to have certain things.
  • Weekend Spend – I generally watch a movie every alternate weekend and have food outside on Sunday as our cook is on leave. This adds to about 2500 on food and 2500 on movies
Total Monthly recurring Spend = 25700

Periodic Spends (twice or thrice a year)

  • Small Holiday Trips – I save a bit every month to make sure that I at least have a trip every three months. This amounts to about 10000. This purely depends on your preference. So the yearly spend amounts to about 50000.
  • Tip to Home – I am from Rajasthan, and a return ticket is about 11000, and I travel to the home twice a year. When you go home, there are certain other unavoidable expenses which amount to about 10000 per trip. So, the total yearly expense comes to about 45000.
Total Leasure/ Travel cost per month = 9000
Now, let’s calculate the effective per month expense = 25700+9000 = 34700
Cost of living in bangaloreOver and above this there are other expenses like shopping, nightlife but those things I have left to people as the expenses are very very subjective.
Hope this gives you a fair amount of idea on how much money is needed to survive in a city like Bangalore. I completely agree that a lot of these heads can be optimized and the cost of living can go down significantly but that’s a function of one’s lifestyle which cannot be generalized. So, you can use the heads and change value according to what you think is the fair value and find out your cost of living in Bangalore.
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