Getting your vegan fix in the city of Bangalore


India is famous for its vegetarian traditions. Vegetarianism finds a place for itself in the historical as well as the modern spheres of India. In fact, some reports go so far as to claim that our country has more vegetarians than the rest of the world put together. And yet, we weren’t among the first nations to promote the now globally popular philosophy of veganism. Be that as it may, several Indians are now opening their doors to a lifestyle that is completely free from the consumption of any form of animal product, and the restaurant market is catching up with them, as it is bound to.

Some people go vegan for health reasons while others are motivated by the desire to live a “cruelty-free lifestyle”. Whatever the case, one can’t deny the increasing demand for the cuisine. Unfortunately, while Bangalore does not have too many vegan-only restaurants yet, there are several vegetarian restaurants offering vegan options that are nothing short of delectable. Here’s my pick of the best places in the city to fulfill your vegan cravings. Whether you are already a hard-core vegan or you just want to experiment with the idea, you should give these places a try.


Possibly the first all-out vegan restaurant in the city, Carrots is a breath of fresh air in the midst of all the bars and barbecues in Koramangala. It was where I first tried vegan food, and I’m glad I did because more often than not, the right introduction sets the tone for the way anything is perceived later. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing drink, a quick snack, a meal of several courses or even a rich, creamy dessert, Carrots is up for any vegan challenge that you put before it! My pick from their menu is the Kurkur Bhindi Chaat, although I’ve heard great things about their soups and salads as well!

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Green theory

What I remember liking the most about Green Theory was where it was located. If you aren’t careful, you might almost miss it, but the hunt for the quiet spot on Convent Road – off Residency Road – is well worth it for the peace and calm it offers. Whether you want to go as a group and play a bunch of fun board games before your meal arrives, or you want to enjoy a healthy date outdoors among the plants, or you just want to relax by yourself with a book from the collection they have at the restaurant, Green Theory is certainly something for everyone. Most of their dishes are available in vegan-friendly versions; just make sure you specify your preferences. You could also check out their other restaurant – Little Green Café on Church Street – which is also rumored to have good vegan options.

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JustBe Café

Calling itself the first plant-based whole foods restaurant in Bangalore, this place in Sadashivnagar has consciously-created, locally-sourced options for vegetarians as well as vegans. JustBe Café is a brainchild of Nidhi Sogani Nahata, a pioneer in the vegetarian and vegan movements in Bangalore, as well as a leader of the initiatives of the NGO Sharan, that seeks to achieve disease reversal through proper diets. I remember being particularly inspired by her ideas as a panelist in a discussion on conscious living recently conducted in the city. So head on over to JustBe Café and kick-start your vegan living in style.

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Vegan Heat

While Vegan Heat is a delivery-only outlet based out of Koramangala, most of their customers find their service exceptionally good. Their menu stands out for its unique options, such as the Tempeh Quinoa/Millet Masala Dosa, the Quinoa Cumin Crackers with Beetroot Hummus, or their probiotic burgers and pizzas among others. If you aren’t up to experimenting yet though, you can always go for something you recognize. An added bonus is that they seem to be very responsive to feedback, so if you want to give them your opinions or suggestions, just leave them a comment on their Zomato page and they’re sure to get back to you.

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Jumping Beans

If you’re a vegan complaining about the lack of Indian – specifically North Indian – options in the vegan scene in Bangalore, head on over to Jumping Beans on Old Madras Road. While the travel is a bit of a downer especially if you’re put up in South Bangalore like me, the effort is well worth it for the number of options on the menu. The restaurant specializes in “mock chicken” dishes, so be sure to give that a try whether you’re vegetarian or not. Just be sure to specify your vegan preferences because while the place is vegetarian only, the menu has several non-vegan items. Oh, and the icing on the cake? It’s a pet-friendly place! So get out there with your buddy and give yourselves a well-deserved treat!

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Hwealth Café

With two outlets in Koramangala and HSR, Hwealth is fast gaining popularity not just as a place for healthy food, but also as one with several vegan offerings. The place is also ideal for you if you’re the only vegan in your group because it has enough (healthy) non-vegetarian options to satisfy your friends’ meat cravings while you lose yourself in that Veggie/Fruit Detox Juice or Tabbouleh Salad. The best part is that the food tastes so good, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything by choosing a salad over a bucket of deep-fried chicken. It’s definitely the place to start if you’re trying to ease your way into a healthier lifestyle.

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Enerjuvate Studio and Café

Enerjuvate is loved by its patrons not just for the food that lacks for nothing, but also for its décor and its fun vibe. With a new outlet in Koramangala apart from the original in Jayanagar, Enerjuvate is clearly becoming a favorite with many! Much like the décor, the menu itself is eclectic and quirky offering enough and more in various cuisines. Whether it is the Coco Mojito (coconut water with pineapple and mint) or the vegan “ice cream” in the flavor of the day, Enerjuvate is going to leave the vegan in you asking to come back the very next day! The food is always cooked fresh and is naturally flavored with no added preservatives, leaving you light and energetic true to the café’s name. So gather your friends and head on over to Enerjuvate for an afternoon of board games and a guilt-free indulgence!

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Do let us know where you like to get your vegan fix in the comments below!


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